why accretive

Why Accretive


Advertising can be simple, if we let it be. But we aren’t. 

Because of that, today’s digital and traditional advertising struggles to truly connect with consumers. In an overly complicated advertising ecosystem, media providers either cast too wide a net or feel intrusive to consumers. Accretive’s approach strikes a balance using intelligent targeting with mainstream appeal, leveraging rich deterministic information to make out-of-home advertising impactful, targeted, measureable, and real.

OOH is an effective channel. It’s always been effective. It just needed to be proven. And Accretive does just that.  Accretive puts data behind what we’ve always known.


We help brands connect with the consumers they crave, by delivering a more effective way to target out-of-home media.

  • You pick the consumers you want to reach

  • We segment these consumers based on billions of online and offline data points 

  • We identify where to best reach those consumers across 750,000+ premium digital out-of-home venues

  • Accretive displays impactful brand messaging at select venues

  • Audience is optionally retargeted with mobile and/or connected TV ads to reinforce message

  • Exposed audience is captured and post-exposure behavior is measured

  • Measurement includes foot traffic, brand studies, web visitation, online sales, offline sales, and custom attribution reporting


When we were building the Accretive concept, our goal was simple and our mission was clear.

Use the latest in artificial intelligence to build a disruptive web3 technology platform that leverages machine-learning principles borrowed from leading SaaS software providers that are underpinned by blockchain technology to create a transformative cloud-based engine where thought leaders and innovators can converge upon the notion that augmented and virtual reality can create a better future for advertisers.

Just kidding.  How ridiculous does that sound?  But every single one of those buzzwords are used in one way or another in one startup or another.  While our platform is highly complex (you can read about it in our patent apps), we have a very different approach and goal.

Out-of-home advertising is great, it’s a high reach and high impact medium.  The screens are big and bright and beautiful. You don’t have to deal with fraud, viewability, ad blockers, or privacy issues.  It’s a timeless, futureproof way to advertise.  The problem is, the targeting and more importantly measurement in out-of-home has not been good.  That is… until we fixed it.  Accretive offers brands the best targeting and measurement in out-of-home, period.  Let us prove it to you. 

Much better, right?  Once you eliminate the gimmicks, the jargon, and the nonsense, advertising becomes straight forward.  It’s about connection, it’s about consumers.  We’ve spent the last few decades helping brands win by connecting them with the targeted consumers they care about through digital media.  And this is the evolution of that work.

Welcome to Accretive.  We are very excited to help you. 

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